Lost, Recovered and Remaining

the artwork of Ty Nathan Clark

Abstract artist, filmmaker and author Ty Nathan Clark is becoming a household name in the art and film industries, and he lives in the heart of Waco, Texas.

Clark began creating art when he was just four years old, directly influenced by a family imbued by art and culture. Today, he has exhibited work nationally for over 15 years, some of which is currently represented in San Francisco, New York City and Charlotte, N.C. Now settled in Waco, where he built his art studio on property near Lake Waco, Clark is quickly becoming a celebrity of sorts in his own community.

Clark is scheduled to curate his own solo exhibition, “Lost, Recovered and Remaining,” at local art gallery and event space Cultivate 7Twelve. The show will debut on First Friday, June 7, and run through July 31. Despite his recent success and national recognition in various creative industries, Clark said he is especially anticipating an exhibition in the place he calls home.

“I’ve been anticipating my solo exhibition at Cultivate for a some time now. There’s nothing like being able to showcase one’s work in their own community,” Clark said. “Waco is at an exciting Genesis moment for a lot of things, and the arts is just beginning to awaken something exciting. I can feel it.”

In addition to being a full-time abstract artist, Clark is also a writer, designer and filmmaker. He recently completed his first novel and produced the film “Jump Shot,” which was an official selection for SXSW Film Festival, DIFF (Dallas International Film Festival) and FREEP (Detroit Free press Film Festival), among others. Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry executive produced “Jump Shot,” and Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitski, Jay Bilas, Bob Knight, Nancy Lieberman and other basketball legends and personalities starred in the film. 

Clark’s flourishing artistic career, which he is currently experiencing at full-force, didn’t come to fruition overnight. Over time, he eventually found his niche, style and purpose as an artist.

Clark spent many years living, serving and creating in over 20 countries and cultures around the world—all in search of something he calls “The Thin Places,” or places on earth where “Divine Presence” is so strong that they serve as portals from this world to the next.

One of Clark’s bodies of work, “Lessons in Remembering,” is a collection of abstract expressionist pieces that represent different memories of Clark’s from his time traveling, calling the viewer to question the vital role that memory plays in the human experience. Clark said he is creating a “Lessons in Remembering Part 2” for his exhibition at Cultivate, which he hopes will be a catalyst for the community to gather and inquire about the meaning behind his work.

“My goal is to open up more dialogue. I’m welcoming the Waco community into my process, thoughts and heart behind my work,” Clark said. “My hope is to bring more people into the art gallery.”

Clark’s abstract expressionist works can easily be described as controlled chaos. Clark uses color as a metaphor for thought and reflection. Line represents storylines in constant flux. Random markings, some of which are “mistakes” that were purposefully left on the canvas, represent disorder. Each work is a representation of things that cannot be spoken. The pieces in “Lost, Recovered and Remaining” will be a new collection of sculptures and paintings with similar inspiration.

In addition to preparing for his show, Clark is currently in a post-graduate artist cohort through The Brehm Center in Pasadena, California, led by his mentor, world renown abstract artist Makoto Fujimura. He is also a founding member of the “Veritas Artist Collective,” “5D Artists Group” and “The Unknowns” artist group in Waco.

In 2010, Clark was named “One of America’s Brightest Young Influencers” by Catalyst, and in both 2017 and 2019, he was named “One of Ten Contemporary Artists in Austin to Watch” by Culture Trip. 

Though Clark’s accolades are numerous, he works tirelessly each day to create work that will both inspire and humble his viewers.

“I have been actively processing new ideas with painting and sculpture for this upcoming exhibit at Cultivate,” Clark said. “It’s an honor to share my work with the community, and to create something that will hopefully spark conversation and connection.”

This exhibition will be free and open to the public during Cultivate 7Twelve’s open hours

Ty Nathan Clark works on a piece in 2018 for his collection.

Ty Nathan Clark works on a piece in 2018 for his collection.

Ty Nathan Clark sits in his studio near Lake Waco.

Ty Nathan Clark sits in his studio near Lake Waco.


Gallery Events

Collector’s Preview and Reception

8–11 p.m. Wednesday, June 5

$30 per person

Gallery reception and first-look at Clark’s show, “Lost, Recovered and Remaining.” Event will feature a unique wine and food tasting experience that will be inspired by Clark’s work.

Tickets available here.

First Friday Exhibition Opening

6–10 p.m. Friday, June 7

Free and open to the public

This event is the public’s first chance see Clark’s solo exhibition for free. Includes live music, beverages, light bites.

Lecture + Q&A

5:30–6:45 p.m. Tuesday, June 11

Free and open to the public

Join us for an evening that will stoke your imagination and build your understanding of the ‘whys’ behind the work.

The Philosopher’s Take: A Deep Dive Into the Work of Ty Nathan Clark

8–10 p.m. Thursday June 21

$10 per person

Join us in our speakeasy space, Undercroft, for a night of philosophical discussion with Baylor professor Dr. Jane Damron and Ty Nathan Clark. BYOB.

Tickets available here.

Exhibition Display Hours

10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday

By appointment Sunday through Wednesday

Free and open to the public

712 Austin Ave.