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We are thrilled that you are interested in having your art for show and sale at Cultivate 7Twelve.  

March: “The Art of Celebrity and Modern Brand Making: POP”

Submissions due 2/25/19

Exhibition Dates: March 1, 2019- April 3, 2019

It was Andy Warhol who said that in the future, everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame.  With modern media and the reality of our constant connection online, his prophecy has come to life.  What this means for us culturally, and determining how to relate to each other in this new age, is up to us.  It follows that it is especially important that our artists and creatives lead the way in a thoughtful approach and commentary on our changing world.

With the advent of social media, the idea of a public persona is a concept we all wrestle with.  We choose who we present ourselves to be, we brand ourselves and model our own often minor, but still powerful celebrity.  But this opportunity to control other's perception of us is a double edged sword.  We live in a culture struggling with isolation and hungry for authenticity even as we are more digitally connected than ever.  

With this exhibition, we are interested in contemporary art work that provides insight into celebrity and the branding of the individual.  Subject matter can relate to historic figures, celebrities, local heroes, or the celebration of the ordinary citizen.  Alternatively, we are looking for a work evoking a popular brand identity or the cultivated brand of an ordinary citizen (could even be you). The works may be in any media and MUST be about a specific person or group or moment in time. This can be in the form of portraits, self-portraits, biographical images, graphic text, line drawing, surrealist interpretations, sculptural expressions, or any form that addresses the subject. We are looking for a broad range of work that takes an innovative look at the topics mentioned above.

Each submission can include up to 7 works, a $10 fee is applied for the entire submission.  

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Cultivate 7TWELVE is proud to run a retail outlet offering a selection of Waco's finest art and artisans work.  We are always interested in expanding our offerings.  We currently are taking ceramics, jewelry, stationary, photographic prints, art prints, leather goods, accessories, and a limited selection of clothing.  We are also always open to suggestions!  Please contact Rebekah Hagman at waco7twelve@gmail.com or call us at 254-401-1443.

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