Samuel Shelton

Samuel Shelton is an oil painter whose work is reminiscent of the Baroque Masters of yesteryear. He places a high emphasis on the beauty of the human form and the drama of storytelling in his paintings. His work and methods truly stand out as a beacon of classical mastery. He studied painting from the Academy of Art University and from Gold Light Atelier, but much of his study comes from visits to Museums and literature on the techniques and practices of the Old Masters. He currently lives in Meridian TX with his wife and five children. His paintings are on display at Your Private Collection Gallery in Granbury TX, Calypso Gallery in Abilene TX, and Atkinson Gallery in Chicago, Il. His work can be seen at


BYOB Class

Each Friday, unless otherwise noted, Samuel Shelton will be conducting a representational art class geared toward adults who wish to come and enjoy a glass of their favorite beverage while working on a drawing or painting of their choosing.  Each artist will receive personal feedback each week from painter Samuel Shelton on whatever drawing or painting project they bring to class. What a great way to end a busy work week by drawing or painting with other artists while having a glass of wine and benefiting from personal instruction by a professional  representational artist.

Each person is welcome but not at all required to bring their favorite beverage to enjoy while working with others. Each project must be geared toward representational work and each student must bring their own supplies and reference materials to work from. The class is open to the beginner and advanced student alike. All references material is acceptable in class as long as it is not a distraction or disturbance to other classmates. Violent images or nudity will not be acceptable in this class setting.  


Monthly First Saturday Workshops

Samuel Shelton will be holding a different oil painting workshop the first Saturday of each month starting September 1st from 9:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.. During these workshops Samuel will teach and demonstrate the process of painting a variety of subjects from portraits and figure paintings to still life paintings He will be working right alongside the students in order to show and not just tell how a painting progresses. Each student can expect to leave with a completed painting, well versed in the steps to getting a likeness of the subject or object being painted, and tricks to oil painting that are both easy to understand and to implement. The cost of each workshop is $125 for first time students and $100 for any student who has already attended a workshop.

9/1 Painting a Childs Portrait from a Photograph

10/6 Painting a Still Life from Life

11/3 Painting the Clothed Figure from a Photograph

12/1 Painting the Portrait from Life

Admission to this class is $125 for first time workshop students of Samuel Shelton and $100 for returning workshop students. 


Monday Four Week Course

This course will occur from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. on Mondays from Oct. 15 to Nov. 5 at Cultiate 7Twelve.

During this four week oil painting course, oil painter Samuel Shelton will take each student through the process of completing either a portrait, figure, animal or still life painting of your choice. Each student will bring their own desired portrait, still life, animal or clothed figure reference images which must be photographed by the student (no borrowing from the internet). Each student will learn how to do a gray scale painting of their reference followed by two layers of color. Admission for this four week course in $110.

Paint will be provided.

Check the supply list for additional supplies needed for class.