Rhiannon Rosenbaum

Expressive Abstract and Illustration


    Rhiannon Rosenbaum is native of Modesto, California. She received her Bachelor’s in Illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Although she is trained in illustration, Rhiannon has experimented with many methods and mediums. Much of her work has been expressed through gouache watercolor and acrylic, but her most recent medium has been oils. Regardless of what form she chooses, Rhiannon strives to implant a sense of community and expression in her artwork. She remains true to the definition of illustration by telling a story and presenting important topics that ask people to think and question. A perfect example of this is in her artwork titled “Waco Mandala”. In this piece, she expresses a prayer for our city, that Waco should only continue to flourish. In similar ways, Rhiannon uses her artwork to pray for social issues that are difficult to discuss outside of art.

   Rhiannon is committed to supporting the Waco community. She continues to provide her wisdom and knowledge to young people and art students. Rhiannon has also curated exhibits at Cultivate7Twelve including Feminine Forms, Botanicals, and the Baylor Student Art show.

Sometimes problems are so complex that all you can do is pray…it (art) has always been a way for me to put my prayers out there.
— Rhiannon Rosenbaum
"Waco Mandala" by Rhiannon Rosenbaum

"Waco Mandala" by Rhiannon Rosenbaum

"Purple Floral" by Rhiannon Rosebaum

"Purple Floral" by Rhiannon Rosebaum

Accomplishments and Exhibits

Curator at Cultivate7Twelve; Waco TX, 2017-2018

Waco 52-Texas State Capitol and Waco pop-up gallery; Austin and Waco, TX; August 2017

Allied Arts of Whatcom County Mural Artist, 2011-2013