Cultivate 7Twelve’s retail space helps artists thrive as entrepreneurs

Before Cultivate 7Twelve opened its doors on Dec. 1, 2017, retail spaces for local artists to sell their artwork were far and few between. Because of the gallery’s conception, Waco artists are now provided a space to gain exposure and make a living off of what they love to do—create.

Cultivate 7Twelve is Waco’s one-stop-shop for all things locally made and handcrafted. From functional dishware, to locally-sourced body products, to fine art, shoppers can trust that they’ll find something that speaks to them.

Better yet, the artists in Cultivate’s retail space receive a large portion of the profit—65 percent of each sale goes directly to the hands who made it. This is 30 percent more than the average gallery gives back to its artists.

Because of Cultivate’s willingness to display a diverse collection of local artwork, shoppers will find work by professionals and beginning artists alike, both of which offer something unique to Waco’s arts and culture scene. Each piece is a part of Waco’s story, and ultimately, its history.

Interested In Displaying Your Work?

Email gallery director Rebekah Hagman at, or call 254-796-1227 to schedule an initial meeting. Be sure to mention your full name, preferred media and why you create what you do!