Randy Truett

Carpenter and Woodturner


        Although he works out of his studio in Groesbeck TX, Randy Truett displays his handiwork in the Resident Artists’ space at Cultivate7Twelve. Randy is a self-taught craftsman, with skills in woodturning, carpentry, and repurposing. His furniture is pervaded with a devotion to family and community involvement. Randy takes pride in mentoring young students and their parents on educational or personal wood crafting endeavors. His goal is to inspire and build up others to put effort into their own projects. Randy is a third-generation craftsman, he acquired his love for woodworking from his father and grandfather. His art style is subject to the materials he repurposes and the character of the wood he utilizes. Randy dedicates his strengths to challenging his limitations on every piece he crafts.

“Your limitations are set by you
— Randy Truett