Marsha Wilson



       Marsha is a master of her craft, her art form being Pyrography. Pyrography is the decorating of wood, paper, or leather with imagery by burning using a special tool. Marsha discovered pyrography over ten years ago after picking up her husband’s abandoned burning tool. She has obtained extensive knowledge on wood choices in combination with their reactions to burning. The amount of detail seen in her work is due to her dedication to learn and her commitment to challenge herself to fine tune her abilities and try new techniques. Her effort has led to opportunities such as her first national group exhibition in Laguna Beach, California. When asked what her inspiration is, Marsha would say that it is the beauty God has created in this world. Her style is representationalism, a style which focuses in on the most beautiful part of an image. Her art depicts architecture, portraits, and nature.

       Marsha is originally from Weatherford, TX and has lived in Waco for three years.

Watching the wood or paper come to life is so exciting... I don’t know how much further I can take the art form, but I will certainly try.
— Marsha Wilson
"Sanborn Waco" by Marsha Wilson

"Sanborn Waco" by Marsha Wilson

"Methodist Church in Mingus TX" by Marsha Wilson

"Methodist Church in Mingus TX" by Marsha Wilson

Solo Exhibitions

Art Forum of Waco, October 2016

Group Exhibitions

The Second Half- Las Laguna Gallery; Laguna Beach, California; June 2018

Art on Elm- Waco Cultural Arts Festival; Waco, TX; April 7th-8th 2018

A Sense of Place- Cultivate7Twelve Gallery; Waco, TX; February 2018

Botanicals- Cultivate7Twelve Gallery; Waco, TX; December 2017

Transitions- Cultivate7Twelve Gallery; Waco, TX; September 2017

Waco 52-Texas State Capitol and Waco pop-up gallery; Austin and Waco, TX; August 2017