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Katie Lairmore

Social Realist


Katie Lairmore is originally from Richardson, Texas. She studied at Baylor University and obtained a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Katie works mainly in acrylic but has experimented in oils and pencils. Her style has evolved over the years; she began her professional career in photorealism and has transformed her expression into social realism. Her artistic goal is to address social problems of today, such as sexism and environmental issues. Katie is inspired by the efforts of Makoto Fujimura to “re-humanize” people. Her artwork frequently contains a message of inspiration for individuals whose voices are often unheard. An example of her artwork that accomplishes this ambition is “She Stands”. In a tribute to personal struggles experienced by herself and close relatives , she encourages all women to be strong and stand up against every challenge.

Katie presently continues her social activism with her contributions to the annual Waco Climate Change art exhibit.

I’d like for my artwork to build people up when they see it… I want people to look at it and feel like they are strong and can stand up to whatever comes their way.
— Katie Lairmore
"Communion" by Katie Lairmore 

"Communion" by Katie Lairmore 

"She Stands" by Katie Lairmore

"She Stands" by Katie Lairmore

Group Exhibitions

Feminine Forms, Cultivate7Twelve; Waco, TX; November 2017

Waco 52-Texas State Capitol and Waco pop-up gallery; Austin and Waco, TX; August 2017

Third Place, Waco Climate Change Art Exhibit, 2017

Best in Show Emerging Artist, Cottonwood Art Festival 2010


Recent commissions

"Il Ponte Vecchio" January 26, 2018

"Brittany Spaniel" December 15, 2017

"Clancy" November 28, 2017

"Puppies" December 31, 2016

"Lakefront" December 14, 2016

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