Jordan Wallace

Jordan Wallace began drawing at an early age, fortunate enough to have a mother who felt passionately about the arts. This early education was instrumental in his development as an artist. Wallace believes that pursuing one's passions from a young age often leads to greater things, including self discovery. It is this theory that lead him to share his gifts. It is the next generation and the fostering of creativity in the youth that lead Wallace to begin teaching others about art.  


Learn to draw with Jordan

This class is for beginners of all ages and students will learn to enhance their skills by learning basic technique as well as focusing on what truly inspires them (i.e. images and artistic expression that they prefer.) This class is fully intended to cultivate within the artist self-empowerment and a utilization of the inherent skills found within all. 

This class occurs every Friday, unless otherwise stated, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and admission to the class is $20. 

Needed supplied for this class include: 

  • a sketchbook
  • drawing pencils
  • an eraser
  • tracing paper (optional) 
  • a copy of your favorite image