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Jenna Brooks



Jenna Brooks breathes life into her artwork with colors and thought-provoking subjects. She started her first project as a tribute to a friend’s father who had passed. Her depiction of a surreal heart on his violin became the inspiration for her lively artistic style. She looks to masters of dynamic surrealism, primarily the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, for inspiration. Jenna’s focal art method is acrylic on canvas and violins. Her subject matter deals with vivid nature and spontaneous anatomy. One cannot help but smile when viewing Jenna’s artworks due to the volume of color they contain and their larger than life persona. 

Jenna is originally from Marlin, TX, but has lived in many places all over the world during her childhood as a military brat. If asked she would say that her most important creations are her three children.

The pinnacle of being an artist is that you inspired someone or... changed someone’s view or you did something meaningful. That is what I want to accomplish.
— Jenna Brooks

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