Featured Artist: Greg Lewallen

Greg Lewallen spent nearly 20 years of his life collecting insects with his brother. He made his living traveling the world to gather specimens, professionally preserving them as an entomologist, and either selling them to museums or saving them for his personal collection. When his brother passed away and he found himself at a fork in the road, Lewallen decided to pursue his other greatest passion — drawing. Now a Baylor professor and professional artist, he spends much of his time rendering the bugs in his collection using charcoal, pastels, paint and printmaking techniques. To add dimension to his drawings, Lewallen scrawls his journal entries from the moment he collected each respective insect onto the canvas. Lewallen seeks to incorporate the art of storytelling with fine art, combining his crafts into one pursuit.

Greg Lewallen’s work is available for purchase at Cultivate 7Twelve.

Photos by Meredith Wagner