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Painting a Child's Portrait Workshop with Samuel Shelton

Samuel Shelton will be holding a different oil painting workshop the first Saturday of each month starting September 1st from 9:30-4:30 at Cultivate 712 in Waco, TX. During these workshops Samuel will teach and demonstrate the process of painting a variety of subjects from portraits and figure paintings to still life paintings He will be working right alongside the students in order to show and not just tell how a painting progresses.
Each student can expect to leave with a completed painting, well versed in the steps to getting a likeness of the subject or object being painted, and tricks to oil painting that are both easy to understand and to implement.

The Workshop for 9/1/18 will be Painting a Child's Portrait from a photo.

Admission to the class can be purchased here
More information available here

Requested Supplies

  • Preferred brand of oil paints and mediums are from If you have equivalent high quality paint; that will work as well. 
  • Oil paints: Treehouse White (or titanium or lead white), yellow ocher, venice red, burnt umber, ivory black, and ultramarine blue. 
  • Oil mediums: water washed walnut oil or spectrum naturals walnut oil from the grocery store
  • Brushes: Bring brushes you would normally use in oil painting. Synthetic or Natural bristle is fine. No watercolor brushes. 
  • Wooden paint palette 
  • Small jar with screw- on lid to keep the walnut oil in. Baby food jars work well.
  • 12x16 decent quality canvas or panel. Must be already primed and ready to paint on. 
  • A metal palette knife for mixing paint and scraping the palette
  • rags or paper towels
  • Painters tape
  • Pencil/ gummy eraser
  • ballpoint pen
  • Prospek Proportional divider (optional) 
  • ruler
  • mahl stick ( can be as simple as a yardstick)
  • No paint thinner, mineral spirits or solvents of any kind are to be used in class. We will clean our brushes in oil.
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