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Portrait Painting in Oils Class with Samuel Shelton

During this 6 week portrait painting course, oil painter Samuel Shelton will take each student through the process of completing 2 portraits in oil from the use of photographs. All photographic material will be provided by Samuel and all students will work alongside Samuel on the same projects in order to see how an artist paints and not just hear about the process. Each student will be taught how to properly sketch an accurate likeness, do a limited palette color block in, and finish a painting with glazing. The class is open to beginners and advanced students alike. Each student will benefit from this traditional and easy to follow method of painting the human portrait. Samuels work can be seen at

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Requested Supplies
Preferred brand of oil paints and mediums are from If you have equivalent high quality paint; that will work as well. 
Oil paints: Treehouse White (or titanium or lead white), yellow ocher, venice red, burnt umber, ivory black, and ultramarine blue. 
Oil mediums: water washed walnut oil or spectrum naturals walnut oil from the grocery store
Brushes: Bring brushes you would normally use in oil painting. Synthetic or Natural bristle is fine. No watercolor brushes. 
Wooden paint palette
Small jar with screw- on lid to keep the walnut oil in. Baby food jars work well.
12x16 decent quality canvas or panel. Must be already primed and ready to paint on. 
A metal palette knife for mixing paint and scraping the palette
rags or paper towels
Painters tape
Pencil/ gummy eraser
ballpoint pen
Prospek Proportional divider (optional) 
mahl stick ( can be as simple as a yardstick)
No paint thinner, mineral spirits or solvents of any kind are to be used in class. We will clean our brushes in oil.