more about Alex

My work deals largely with human experiences and how those can affect, change or even transform us. Experiences can leave their mark on our brains, altering our behavior and emotions and even our health. Many of these changes go unnoticed or are unseen. They may be so subtle the individual doesn’t even notice. For myself as an artist I want my work to be a window into the unseen; a chance to glimpse the untold world within ourselves. Much of the imagery I use is inspired from bizarre dreams, memories I can’t quite remember, scary stories and peculiar moments from my own day to day life. The space in which my subjects exist is a liminal space. It is temporary and just for the momentary viewing. It’s not reality or realism but does reflect a spectrum of ourselves that are very real. Feeling like we’re becoming a monster or evolving into something else, or as though parts of ourselves are disappearing, or maybe even feeling as though who you are is splitting in two. The identity of my subjects is not important either. They could be anyone, maybe even the viewer, and that is their purpose. 


Current Projects

  • Alex teaches figure drawing at c712 
  • Alex's work is currently on display at Klassy Glass