About Us

Cultivate 7Twelve exists to cultivate the arts and culture of Waco and to provide a vibrant venue for culture building and connection. We believe Waco is a city on the rise culturally and we are eager to nurture and promote the city’s artists, musicians, and creatives.

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What our space has to offer

Cultivate 7Twelve is proud to serve the Waco community by providing a premier space for myriad of cultural experiences. Join us for our latest art exhibition, browse our local artisan goods, fine art and prints, or come participate in a yoga or dance class.  Check our calendar for one of our Art-to-Table dinners, special live music experiences or art workshops with professional instruction.


more local art brought to you by Cultivate 7twelve

Milo All Day - A collaboration between southern comfort food and local farmers.

Pinewood Coffee Bar - Quality coffee with quality service.

Harvest on 25th - A Happy Harvest restaurant serving ingredients with integrity.

Hustle Waco - The innovator’s destination for community and co-working.


Luna Juice - Healthiest craves!

Creative Waco - Making art happen!

Towny - Waco's "support local" app

Brotherwell Brewing - Hand crafter beer made in Waco

Happy Harvest - Home grown farm dinners