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Humans are here to know and be known. That’s the whole point of our lives – even on a spiritual level.

When I started Cultivate7Twelve, I thought about what’s the highest good for my life and know that my highest good is to help facilitate that process: helping people know and be known.

And I love storytelling as part of that. Every piece of art is a story!

So Cultivate7Twelve came about to facilitate human experiences. Prompted by art, music, food, exercise, and a creative space, we help open human connections.



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unusual Story-Driven Events

Between every finished work there is hours of time and thought and personal expression. And that’s what I see as my job as a curator is to tell those stories. And that’s why art provides the perfect environment to ask those important questions about who we are and where we’re going and why we’re here.

We just recently had an exhibit here featuring Charles Wallis. His art – he did an exhibit called The World of the Empath – and on our debut night we had a number of people who got halfway through the show and had to go to the bathroom because they had teared up. They saw something expressed in images and words that was a part of them that they had never been able to say that themselves.

It was creating a moment looking into a mirror that was so gentle and lets you actually like what you see. That moment was a total answer to every hope we’ve sewn in here.



We were looking for a community we could invest in and make an impact,” she said. “I feel like we got beyond blessed.
— Waco Tribune Herald (more here)
Despite using words like exhibit and gallery, Waco 7twelve is about more than art. For Rebekah, it’s about culture and Waco culture specifically. It’s about distilling Waco’s essence, its Waco-ness. It’s about being a hub of Waco culture as it’s expressed through art, goods, food and drink.
“I want this to be a space that tells Waco’s story as it’s evolving,” she said.
— — Downtown Waco  (more here)