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Cultivate 7Twelve is proud to serve the community of Waco by providing a premier space for a myriad of cultural experiences:  join us for our latest art exhibit, a shopping experience complete with local artisan good and fine art and art prints, or a yoga or dance class.  Or check our calendar for one of our farm to table dinners, or special live music experiences or art workshops with exceptional instruction.

At Cultivate 7Twelve, our mission is two-fold:  we seek to cultivate a fine arts audience for Waco, establishing Waco as a destination for your next fine art experience or purchase.  We also are committed to cultivating the arts and culture of Waco as a city; Waco provides a rich cultural ground for artists, musicians, actors, chefs, photographers and creatives of all types and talents.




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unusual Story-Driven Events

Between every finished work there is hours of time and thought and personal expression. And that’s what I see as my job as a curator is to tell those stories. And that’s why art provides the perfect environment to ask those important questions about who we are and where we’re going and why we’re here.

We just recently had an exhibit here featuring Charles Wallis. His art – he did an exhibit called The World of the Empath – and on our debut night we had a number of people who got halfway through the show and had to go to the bathroom because they had teared up. They saw something expressed in images and words that was a part of them that they had never been able to say that themselves.

It was creating a moment looking into a mirror that was so gentle and lets you actually like what you see. That moment was a total answer to every hope we’ve sewn in here.

In The Press

Cultivate 7Twelve is fortunate to have been featured in a number of articles by local Waco press and blogs. Learn more about our mission, artists, and past events through coverage provided by local media.